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Image made by German-Mutt


Here is some very important information about my series, "Adventures In Dametrex" If you plan on doing a profile review on me, this is some very important information you oughta read.

The Victoreon SpeciesSpecies name: Victoreon
Origin: Planet Victorea
Gender ratio: 87% MALE
Average Height: 5'9
Average Weight: 130 lbs.
-Humanoid body,
-Wolf like head,
-Large sharp teeth,
-small longer fox-like muzzle,
-bushy tail,
-large feathered wings,
-slim body
Common colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Brown,
Way of breeding: Both males and females are capable of impregnation, due to the species mostly being male.
Diet: Chicken, Fish, Fruits, Vegetables -NOTE- Chocolate and other sweets makes them sick but won't kill them.
Information:  When a Victoreon wants to challenge or mock another Victoreon, it will fluff it's fur up and much as it can, which insinuates a challenge, or a way of saying "i'm fluffier then you" Since Victoreon's are naturally fluffy creatures, they pride
Info on Steffictor and it's storiesHey everyone, SGK here. So I've watched a lot of video's on how to write proper stories, and how to make certain scenes seem more realistic. I have come to the conclusion that, as i heard in one of the videos, adding two character in a relationship in the same chapter they meet is not appreciated by the audience. I'm bringing this up because so far the only story i have involving Victor and Steffon in a relationship is "Over & Over" I've been thinking that maybe people who read that story might've thought i just randomly made Steffon as a character and threw him in the story as a love interest for Victor, without developing there relationship whatsoever... guys, that's not the case xD
See, i had actually had the character Steffon for about two months before i wrote that story, in that time i had developed Victor and Steffon's relationship, along with Steffon's BIO and personality, however i actually haven't yet written down the stories leading up to what happened in "Over & Over" As it
List of species found in the AID series.Here is a list of all the species found in AID (Adventures In Dametrex)
Note: I will update this when I make new species ^^
                      Adventures In Dametrex (C) SkinnyGreenKiller
SGK's guide to better understanding AID_________________________________________________________________
Today we will be learning a bit about the series "Adventures In Dametrex" and some important things to be noted about it.
First of all, AId (Adventures In Dametrex) is a series following the adventures of a cast of characters, and how they deal with the problems that arise from these adventures. The main focus of the series is a character named "Victor Dredg" and what he goes through day after day whilst trying to better comprohend his existance as he slowly descents further and furthur into madness.
The three universes in AID are known as a "pocket universe" a pocket universe is a series of two or more universes linked together as one. Castophorex, the name of the pocket universe that is in AID, is made up of three separate universes. These universes are named (In order of creation) (1) Synnometix


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Hello and welcome to my page, i would just like to point out that i am an anthro artist. However i am not a Furry, and i am not a Sonic fan. I only draw artwork for my original story, Adventures In Dametrex (AID)

All of my characters are created for my original stories, i do not make fan characters for any fandom, i am not a fandom artist. I do not associate myself with the Sonic fandom, nor do i associate myself with the Furry fandom. Thank your for reading this, and have a lovely day~!

ID. Registered & Protected 

Victor Stamp by MelodyRaver Steffictor Fan STAMP by SkinnyGreenKiller

Heyo fellow sacks of flesh, i am the almighty SGK! I am here to steal your cabbage. Obviously i love to make "artwork" but i also enjoy writing, designing, singing, and occasionally baking. I am very socially awkward and have some anxiety, but that doesn't stop me from doing what i love. When speaking to a stranger, i tend to type as if i am a professional speaker. This is because as stated above, i have anxiety, and therefor i feel like i need to speak/type as professional as possible, as i do not wish to upset anyone in any way.

The idea of angering someone and that someone having some kind of grudge towards me, absolutely terrifies me. I will panic if i think someone is upset with me, and i only ever speak casually when i am speaking to someone i deeply trust.

People i love and trust, will do anything for them. They are my light.

:icondu4l1ty: -You, you are a very sweet human being that deserves far more acknowledgement than you currently are getting. I know i have not known you for very long, but i sincerely hope that we will be friends for as long as we live.

:iconsw4ggz: -You, you are kind hearted, caring, and fun individual. Your artwork is very cute, and your bubbly attitude makes me feel good about the world. I hope you grow and become well-known on this website, you deserve it!

:iconkawaiianimegirlxox: -You, you are one of my oldest friends. You're a sweet girl with a big heart, and i can tell you put time and effort into each and every drawing. I know i have wronged you in the past, and i know that i was wrong about many things, but just to say it here, you are one of my closest friends. Plus your accent is precious.

Other places where i exist





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